Super-API Drug Development Platform - from drug discovery to production


The Super-API platform, developed by NanGenex, deploys analytics, instrumentation and know-how to design, create, develop and manufacture proprietary Super-API drugs.

Key elements of the platform are: 

  • Computational & Automated HT System - The system provides the means to efficiently select potential pipeline candidates. The developed HT screening and in-vitro assays enable the Company to screen through thousands of Super-API combinations and predict their in-vivo performance.

  • Instrument & Process - The manufacturing process is based on the Group’s proprietary, validated and scalable continuous flow instrument. The process is scaled for lead candidates and the used excipients are generally low cost GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe by the FDA) materials.

  • Novel Super-API structure - Super-API drugs have unique supramolecular structures delivering substantial improvements in material properties and clinical utility. The developed Super-APIs have solution like behavior, significantly increased apparent solubility and improved absorption properties giving rise to a combination of distinct clinical benefits. The compositions are protected by global composition of matter IPs. 

Proven benefits of the Super-APIs:

  • Increased exposure;
  • Reduced or eliminated food effect;
  • Decreased overall variability;
  • Faster onset of action;
  • Solutions to eliminate harmful and toxic excipients;
  • Changed administration route for improved patient compliance (e.g. IV to oral).













Super-API Laboratory