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The following project have been supported by the National Development Agency under the New Hungary Development Plan:

Development of proprietary NanoActives™ and their biological validation
Contract number: KMOP-1.1.1-09/1-2009-0025

Within the framework of the project NanGenex developed and manufactured proprietary NanoActive™ drugs from carefully selected blockbusters.

The main objectives of the project were the optimization of the manufacturing process of the NanoActives and evaluating their biological effects.

Contractor: NanGenex, Inc. - Madarász Viktor u. 47-49., Budapest, Hungary, H-1138

Supporter: National Development Agency (NFÜ) - Wesselényi u. 20-22., Budapest, Hungary, H-1077, web:

Contributor: MAG – Hungarian Economic Development Centre Ltd. - Váci út 83., Budapest, Hungary, H-1139, web: