Super-API Technology - from drug discovery to production

The Super-API technology introduces a paradigm shift in drug discovery and development by generating druggable active compounds in a high throughput fashion. The technology delivers new performance profiles to solubility challenged compounds in development or drugs in market and creates composition of matter IP.

Without chemical modification the Super-API technology provides solutions for dose delivery, bioavailability, solubility and other performance limiting issues that manifest with promising new compounds in development and alters the side-effect and toxicity profiles of drugs by reducing total administered dose.
Key elements of the technology are its high-throughput screening platform with integrated detection cascade, the proprietary instrumentation and the novel structures of the generated Super-APIs. Each Super-API is characterized by stable unique structure with supramolecular fingerprint delivering substantial improvement in clinical utility. It also provides the means to position and register such Super-APIs as composition of matter patent applications with impact on IP estates and life-cycle management.

The developed Super-APIs have dramatically enhanced apparent solubility and absorption properties giving rise to a combination of distinct clinical benefits such as:

  • earlier tmax , higher Cmax and higher exposure
  • converting parenteral (IV or IM) drugs into orally available products
  • pH independent absorption to reduce food effect and decrease overall variability
  • eliminating harmful excipient that might be related to adverse events.

Super-API Laboratory


The technology is fully integrated into the development value chain, requires mg quantities for development and scalable to GMP production.