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BIO-Europe 2015
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Quotient Clinical begins prostate cancer project for Druggability Technologies

June 23, 2015 - Quotient Clinical, the Translational Pharmaceutics® Company, initiates a new RapidFACT program for Druggability Technologies (DRGT) for evaluating enhanced formulations of abiratone acetate.

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Gabor Heltovics, CEO to present at Formulation & Drug Delivery Congress, London, UK.

Join our sesseion on Day 1 , Optimising Formulation steam, 12.20 -  12.50 pm. and learn more on our latest achievments.



Druggability Technologies enters into a strategic collaboration with Bayer HealthCare

DRGT signs a broad collaboration agreement with Bayer HealthCare to leverage DRGT’s Super-API Technology to accelerate the discovery and development of novel drugs.

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Druggability Technologies Announces Financial Investment by SPCH

Druggability Technologies Holdings Limited (DRGT), a privately held biotechnology platform company, announced today that it has completed an initial round of financing totaling $4,000,000.

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Sirolimus formulation with improved pharmacokinetic properties produced by a continuous flow method

Tamás Solymosi, Réka Angi, Orsolya Basa-Dénes, Soma Ránky , Zsolt Ötvös, Hristos Glavinas, Genovéva Filipcsei  and Gábor Heltovics

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Novel Continuous flow technology for the development of nanostructured Aprepitant formulation with improved pharmacocinetics properties

Réka Angi, Tamás Solymosi, Zsolt Ötvös, Betti Ordasi, Hristos Glavinas, Genovéva Filipcsei, Gábor Heltovics and Ferenc Darvas

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Flow chemistry for nanotechnology, Flow chemistry graduate textbook, Chapter 6, Vol.2.: Applications,  Ed. by Darvas, Ferenc / Hessel, Volker / Dorman, György, Walter de Gruyter, 2014, pp 161-187

Genovéva Filipcsei, Zsolt Ötvös, Réka Angi and Ferenc Darvas

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